Google News Widget Update (1.0.2)
Sunday October 16, 2005
Made some changes on my widget to comply with the new feed name changes Google had made to the Entertainment, Sports, and Health topics. I would suggest you install this new version to get the right news for those topics.

Already thinking of changes to be made to the widget for a 1.5 release. What's gonna be changed you ask? You'll see... ;-)

In the meantime enjoy this one.


Google News Widget
Monday October 10, 2005
Google News widget Worked on this for quite a bit but it's finally done! This widget lists the top 5 news headline from Google News depending on chosen topics. The widget also refreshes the headlines every 15 minutes.

Now this does require you to be a MAC user and also requires you to be running the Tiger version of OS X. Other than that this is a pretty cool widget (at least in my personal opinion). Don't believe me? Go ahead! Check it out yourself!

Feel free to contact me with your feedback on my widget. I'm looking to make more improvements on it. =)